The sheet print module offers rich functionality with a very easy to use approach.

Based on your own business logic, the system can calculate any job with relatively few keystrokes.
The module features advanced logic which means that when users have finished describing a job, the routing and the BOM is ready.

The module can handle even very advanced sheet calculations, and if it is required, the system can be predesigned to perform the calculations exclusively based on a general description of the product. Just by changing the format, the pages and paper quality, the program can perform a full-scale calculation without the user having to enter any other information.

The system handles all aspects of printing in various versions such as different languages or changing text and/or images for part of the job.

Based on pre-defined templates or system generated functionality, the system creates impositions with all relevant information. With the advanced imposition option, sheets can automatically be ganged together for optimized production.

Calculation of easy finishing or more sophisticated bookbinding for both soft- and hardcover books is handled out of the box.

Description of any sub-contracting work is easily made, and the system generates purchase orders when a job is scheduled.

All relevant delivery information is provided, such as packing, pallets, delivery mode etc. Based on these data all time and costs are calculated.

Price lists
Advanced price lists for calculation various scenarios such as runs, colours, paper types etc. is only one key stroke away.