The latest version of DynamicsPrint contains new modules for both simple and very advances impositioning possibilities.

On top of simple impositioning for only one job;  the module is also able to analyze and handle jobs being ganged together in an optimized way on combined plates.

The module is automated and will even handle products with complex shapes being combined; taking the actual shape into account and using that left over space from one product to be used automatically by the next product (for example on a packaging product, where the flaps of the box could be nested into each other). That way the # of products on a sheet will be totally optimized.

If the combined products are not being separated by cutting die or similar. The imposition module will take cutting lines into account, when combining the products on one sheet.

This feature makes DynamicsPrint the ultimate ERP system for any printing company within Sheet fed, Web fed, Labels  or packaging print.imposition